Editing articles

What is editing?insert_link

Dignitas is a collaborative website. Therefore, users can make improvements to articles written by other users. Modifying an article, which results in an improved version, is called editing. You can click the show revisions link to see the history of changes to an article (the link only appears if the article has at least two versions).

Who can make edits?insert_link

Moderators and users with a reputation of at least 2,000 can edit authors, statements and answers. Also, the user who added an author, statement, or answer can edit them.

As an exception, once a statement gets a verdict, only moderators can edit it. Similarly, once an answer is accepted as proof, only moderators can edit it.

Comments cannot be edited.

What are pending changes?insert_link

Users with a reputation below 2,000 do not have the right to make changes directly, but they can suggest changes. The suggested changes are added to a review queue and privileged users will vote to approve or reject them.

As long as an article has pending changes, it can no longer be modified (even by moderators) and it no longer accepts edit suggestions.

You can have a maximum of 5 pending changes (to 5 separate articles). In order to be able to suggest other changes, you must wait for the review of some of the pending changes.