Why are some authors closed or deleted?

Some author profiles are not relevant for the purpose of Dignitas or do not bring new information. Privileged users and moderators can vote, as the case may be, to close them, to mark them as duplicates or to delete them.

Once an author is closed or deleted, it will automatically be flagged for reopening if it is edited within the first 3 days of its addition. Moderators can also reopen it directly.

What is a closed author?insert_link

A closed author continues to remain visible to all users, but no longer accepts new statements. It can be flagged.

The author can be closed if it is unverifiable: his existence cannot be established. When adding an author to Dignitas, it is a good idea to include at least one link to a site with credible information (Wikipedia, the official site of the author's organization, etc.).

What is a duplicate author?insert_link

A special type of closure is marking an author as a duplicate, if the author already exists in Dignitas. In this case, a message will appear to redirect readers to the author's main page.

What is a deleted author?insert_link

A deleted author is only visible to the user who added it and to moderators. The author can no longer be flagged.

The decision to delete an author's profile stems from a flag for one of the reasons:

  • The profile is spam, meaning it advertises a product or a service.
  • The profile contains obscenities, insults or any other messages that have no useful content (for example qwqweqwqeeqwe).
  • The author is not a public figure or an author of political statements (for example, an athlete or singer without political affiliation).
  • Other reasons: when a reviewer votes to close the profile, Dignitas encourages him or her to briefly motivate his or her decision.

Additionally, the user who added the author can delete it, provided that the author does not have statements recorded in Dignitas.