About us

Our Mission

Dignitas is a collaborative platform where you can analyze the truth value of statements from Romanian politicians.

We believe that people's interest in the affairs of the city is an essential manifestation of freedom. If we perceive our laws as a set of external rules handed down by a remote political class, then we will consider them an impingement on our freedom. If instead we perceive laws as being ours, commonly adopted and refined, then we will obey them without feeling that our freedom is restricted.

That is why our interest in our politicians' conduct is direct and continous. Dignitas encourages you to follow the politicians (members of parliament, ministers, local authorities), to analyze their statements and to scold them when they lie. This is how we handle other people in our lives, be it family members, friends, colleagues or handymen.

Our Model

Politicians are numerous. Romania's fate is decided at central and local levels by the president, by the government, by the parliament, by mayors, by county and local councils. We feel that Dignitas's mission is too vast for a handful of people. Therefore, unlike other fact checking websites, we chose a collaborative model. For instance, a few enthusiasts from a given town can monitor the statements of the local authorities, which have considerable impact over life in that town. This job would be much harder for someone not living in that town, unfamiliar with the local realities and lacking easy access to public information concerning the town.

Specifically, we adopted a model similar to Stack Overflow. As you participate in the Dignitas community by voting, commenting and adding statements and answers, you will earn reputation in recognition of your efforts.

How to Contribute

After you create an account, you can start adding public figures and their statements, as well as fact checking statements already on the site. Your contributions will appear on the website immediately. A moderator will later examine them and, if necessary, suggest improvements in contents and formatting.

Our Truth Scale

Dignitas gives one of the following verdicts to fact checked statements. For details, please visit the Verdicts and proofs help page.

Our Team

Dignitas is being developed by Cătălin Frâncu (programmer) and Sonia Frâncu (UX, UI). The founders are not members of any political party.

The website contents (statements and their analyses) is created by users like yourself.


Dignitas has no material finances. In particular, Dignitas is not endorsed or financed by any political party. We developed it in our spare time and we host it on the computer in our home office.

The Platform's Name

In ancient Rome, dignitas was a virtue with an elusive definition, a mix of dignity, prestige, influence and uprightness. We chose this name because, in the long run, we wish to become more than a collection of statements and truth values. From this ephemeral data we can build a permanent image of the true measure of each politician.