Why are some answers deleted?

Privileged users and moderators can vote to delete answers that do not attempt to prove a statement or to add something constructive to another answer. A deleted answer is only visible to its author and moderators. It can still be voted on, but can no longer be flagged.

The decision to delete an answer stems from a flag for any reason. When a reviewer votes to delete the answer, Dignitas encourages him or her to briefly motivate his or her decision. This is also the case for answers added by users with a reputation below 100 and answers that arrive more than 30 days after the statement was added. These trigger reviews automatically.

Authors may delete their own answers, except for those that have already been accepted as proof for the statement in question.

Once an answer is deleted, it will be automatically flagged for reopening if it is edited within the first 3 days of its addition. Moderators can also reopen it directly.