What is reputation?insert_link

Reputation is an approximate measure of your positive contributions to Dignitas. The more the Dignitas community appreciates your contributions, the more your reputation will grow.

As you gain reputation, you will gain privileges, i.e. access to administrative components of the site.

New users start with reputation 0. Reputation increases with positive actions and decreases with negative actions (even below 0).

How do I gain reputation?insert_link

You gain reputation when:

  • A statement you added is upvoted: +10
  • An answer you added is upvoted: +10
  • A statement you added gets a verdict: +10
  • An answer you added is accepted as proof: +10
  • Some changes you suggested are accepted: +2

How do I lose my reputation?insert_link

You lose reputation when:

  • A statement you added is downvoted: -2
  • An answer you added is downvoted: -2
  • You downvote someone else's statement or answer: -1
  • An article you added is deleted as spam or abuse: -100

What about deleted items?insert_link

Deleted items do not affect the reputation. For example, when an article is deleted, all users who downvoted that article receive a +1 reputation back.