Reviews are the process by which privileged users examine the articles (statements, answers, comments, authors) that are brought to their attention. The following situations trigger a review:

  • articles flagged for any reason;
  • statements, answers and authors added by users with a reputation below 100;
  • answers added more than 30 days after the statement;
  • suggested changes by users who do not have the privilege to edit articles directly;
  • articles deleted or closed, then marked for reopening following an edit in their first three days of existence.

What is a review?insert_link

If you have a Dignitas account and a reputation of at least 2,000, you have access to the review queues. Visit your dashboard and click on one of the available review queues. You will receive an article to review. There are an accept button and a reject button which, depending on the nature of the review, have the meaning:

  • When reviewing suggested changes:
    • Accept: you want to keep the suggested changes by merging them into the article.
    • Refuse: you want to reject the suggested changes, leaving the article unchanged.
  • When reviewing a proposal to reopen an item (currently deleted or closed):
    • Reopen: you want to reopen the article.
    • Ignore: you want to leave the article deleted or closed.
  • For other reviews:
    • Keep: you want to keep the article and consider that the article does not have the reported problems.
    • Delete means:
      • for authors and statements flagged as duplicates: you want to close the duplicate;
      • for statements from new users or statements flagged as off-topic, unverifiable, of low quality or for “other reasons”: you want to close the statement;
      • for other types of flags: you want to delete the article.


  • You can vote for the article.
  • You can edit the article. After saving, you will return to the review page.
  • You can see the revision history.
  • You can flag the article (if you notice other issues that deserve to be reviewed separately).
  • You can press the chevron_right button to ignore this article, which will no longer be presented to you. The system presents you with the following article in the same queue.

When does a review end?insert_link

A review concludes with a two out of three majority (keep/delete). Moderators can conclude reviews unilaterally (with a single vote).

The flag that triggers the review is also recorded as a vote, but the vote has executive value only if the user who raised the flag has the privilege to make reviews. Otherwise, the vote is purely consultative.

Reviews that do not gather enough votes in three days are automatically closed as follows:

  • suggested changes are rejected;
  • articles remain unchanged and are not closed or deleted.